Technical Specifications

In order for packaging waste from the various materials collected and sorted by Municipalities and Multimunicipal Systems to be recycled - a priority for the fulfillment of national and community goals - it is necessary to comply with certain technical and quality requirements that allow them to be recycled in the recycling industry, for the manufacture of new products.

Packaging waste may come from:
- Selective collection through ecopoints, eco-centers, ecocentros and door-to-door collection;
- Undifferentiated collection, screened at mechanical and biological treatment plants (TMB) and mechanical treatment (TM), organically recovered at composting stations and still obtained at incineration plants (slag) collected by the Civic Amenities;
- Waste from Novo Verde own collection network, where applicable.

The technical specifications in force for packaging waste from selective collection are the result of a combination of the following reference documents:
Order no. 15370/2008 of 3 June;
Official letter of the APA No. 530/08 / DFEMR-DLFR, of 24 November;
Order no. 21894-A / 2009, of 30 September.

For more information on the Technical Specifications of packaging waste from selective collection, please refer to the following document:

Technical Specifications - Selective Collection Technical Specifications - Undifferentiated Collection 

The respective updates and adaptations to the technical progress will be published on the websites of the Portuguese Environmental Agency and DGAE.

Packaging waste that does not meet the technical specifications is not taken over by Novo Verde.

Further information can be found in the available legislation:

Dispatch n.º 15370/2008 Dispatch n.º 21894-A/2009



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