Contest Procedure No. 01/2020 of Novo Verde for the recovery of packaging waste, with reference to CAGER's allocation mechanism for the first quarter of 2020.

The auctions will take place on the days and times indicated in the table below (subject to 5 minute time extensions in the event of bids placed within the last 2 minutes of the deadline).

The proposals shall be presented online


 Contest Terms and Procedures - 01/2020

Material/Source Procedure Contest Notice Presentation Proposals Table 
Selective Glass Selective Glass Contest Procedure (07-2018) Selective Glass (07-2018)
Selective Paper Cardboard Selective Paper/Cardboard Contest Procedure (07-2018) Selective Paper Cardboar (07-2018)
Papel Cartão Indiferenciada Undifferentiated Paper/Cardboard Contest Procedure (07-2018) Undifferentiated Paper/Cardboard TMeTMB (07-2018)
ECAL Selectiva Selective ECAL Contest Procedure (07-2018) Selective ECAL (07-2018)
ECAL Indiferenciada Undifferentiated ECAL Contest Procedure (07-2018) Undifferentiated ECAL TMeTMB (07-2018)
EPS Selectiva Selective EPS Contest Procedure (07-2018) Selective EPS (07-2018)
Filme Plástico Selectiva Selective Plastic Film Contest Procedure (07-2018) Selective Plastic Film (07-2018)
Filme Plástico Indiferenciada Undifferentiated Plastic Film Contest Procedure (07-2018) Undifferentiated Plastic Film TMeTMB (07-2018)

Outros Plásticos Selectiva

(Condições de Encaminhamento de Outros Plásticos - Tampas)

Selective Other Materials Contest Procedure (07-2018) Other Selective Plastics (07-2018)
PEAD Selectiva Selective PEAD Contest Procedure (07-2018) Selective PEAD (07-2018)
PEAD Indiferenciada Undifferentiated PEAD Contest Procedure (07-2018) Undifferentiated PEAD (07-2018)
PET Selectiva Selective PET Contest Procedure (07-2018) Selective PET (07-2018)
PET Indiferenciada Undifferentiated PET Contest Procedure (07-2018) Undifferentiated PET (07-2018)
Plásticos Mistos Selectiva Selective Mixed Plastic Contest Procedure (07-2018) Selective Mixed Plastics (07-2018)
Aço Selectiva Selective Steel Contest Procedure (07-2018) Selective Steel (07-2018)
Aço Indiferenciada TM/TMB Undifferentiated Steel Contest Procedure TMTMB (07-2018) Undifferentiated Steel TMeTMB (07-2018)
Aço Indiferenciada Escórias Undifferentiated Steel and Slag Contest Procedure (07-2018) Undifferentiated Steel and Slag (07-2018)
Alumínio Indiferenciada Escórias Undifferentiated Aluminum and Slag Contest Procedure (07-2018) Undifferentiated Alumimum and Slag (07-2018)

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