Joining Conditions

Packers and/ or other responsible for the first allocation of packed goods on national market may choose to enroll in only one compliance scheme for the management of all the packages they put in the market or they may choose to enroll in more than one compliance scheme, according to the type of material.

The enrollment of the packers and/ or importers of packed goods put on national market, namely, importers and operators that order the production of packaging and/ or product packing for their own brand, as well as the producers of service packaging that put service packaging in the market, into Novo Verde is made through the celebration of a contract as established in subchapter 2.1 of Dispatch nº 14202-D/2016, from November 25th

Companies that put products on national market and whose packaging weight is equal to or less than 1 ton, have the possibility to enroll in Novo Verde Compliance Scheme.

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Novo Verde carries out periodic audits to packers and/ or importers of packed products put on national market, as well as to suppliers of service packaging, in order to verify the quality and veracity of the conveyed information.


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