Sorting Rules

Separation of waste is essential to enable its recycling and is in the hands of all citizens.

This separation by the consumer follows the stage of sorting the waste in the consolidation centers responsible for the more accurate and accurate selection of waste from previously segmented packaging (paper, plastic and glass).

For example, plastic packaging can be divided into the following categories:
• PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) - bottled water and soft drinks;
• HDPE (Polyethylene of High Density) - hygiene products and detergents;
• PVC (polyvinyl chloride) - detergents;
• LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) - pallet bags and film;
• PP (polypropylene) - boxes of CDs;
• PS (polystyrene) - yoghurts and egg cartons;
• Others.
i) Correct
. card boxes
. egg cardboard boxes
. cookies and cereal packaging
. envelopes
. newspapers and magazines
. writing and printing paper
. paper bags

ii) Incorrect

. clips and staples

. napkins, kitchen paper and dirty tissues

. sticker paper

. papers contaminated with other materials or grease

. wipes and diapers



i) Correct

. aerosols

. detergent, yogurt, milk, juice, cooking oil and wine packaging

. styrofoam

. water bottles

. beverage cans and preserves

. bags

ii) Incorrect

. buckets

. rubber

. cassettes, cd and dvd

. electrical and electronic equipment

. cutlery

.pots and pans

. plastics other than packaging

. batteries and batteries

. cork stoppers



i) Correct

. glass jars

. perfume and cosmetics bottles

. drinks and olive oil bottles

ii) Incorrect


. acrylics

. mirrors

. lamps

. crockery

. construction materials

. porcelain and ceramics

. plates, cups and glasses


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