In order to better know your responsibilities as a packer and/ or other entity responsible for putting packed goods on national market, please consult all legislation related to packaging and packaging waste, in the following documents:

Dispatch n.º 5615/2020, from 20th MayDecree-Law n.º 152-D/2017, from 11th December Dispatch n.º 14202-C/2016, from 25th December Decree-Law n.º 71/2016, from 4th November Decree n.º 158/2015, from 29th May Decree-Law n.º 48/2015, from 10 th April Decree-Law n.º 110/2013, from 2nd August Decree-Law n.º 73/2011, from 17th June Decree-Law n.º 92/2006, from 25th May Decree-Law n.º 162/2000, from 27th July Decree n.º 29B/98, from 29th January Decree-Law n.º 366-A/97, from 20th December


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